Shoutouts to all the indigenous folks of North and South America who speak their native tongue on a daily basis despite the oppressor’s world is still trying to take away what make each nation and tribe unique.


I truly salute you.


people of color do matter.
people of color are talented.
people of color have value.
people of color be strong.
people of color be better.

If you didn't like what I posted then why comment on it?
- Anonymous

I’m assuming this is the owner of the blog “little-hipster-chick” who drew an incredibly gross picture that was suppose to show Native American/oriental culture. What really was seen in the drawing was a awful show case of cultural appropriation, in which my only response could be “gross” agreeing with the comment above mine. If you don’t want to receive criticism on a drawing of yours, don’t post one, especially if it includes cultural appropriation. (Note: I have yet seen a Native with blonde hair that wasn’t bleached. Please leave your white washed ideas out of what was suppose to be a depiction of “Native American” culture.)

The Unknown History of Latino Lynchings





The following is a summary & analysis of Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review article, “Law of the Noose: A History of Latino Lynching” Richard Delgado.

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